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By Mahtab Ahmad

The cost of living in New York City has once again become the centre of discussion after a video showing a cramped apartment listed for an exorbitant price went viral. A realtor from the city shared the clip of this unit. He also shared that this ‘worst designed apartment’ is listed for $3,459 (approximately. 2,00,000).

Snapshot of the apartment that is being rented for approximately 2,00,000. (Instagram/@ocr_realty)

“Is this the worst layout you’ve ever seen,” wrote Instagram handle @ocr_realty, in the caption of the post. The video shows him entering the apartment and showing the tiny shower area, toilet with no windows or a sink, kitchen, and the main hall with a small closet space. (Also Read: Living large in a shoebox! Is it worth living in New York’s tiniest apartment or size does matter?)

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Watch the video of this apartment here:

This post was shared on March 2. Since being posted, it has gained more than 3.2 million views. The share also has numerous likes. Many people flocked to the comments section of the post and expressed their reactions.

Check out how people reacted to it:

An individual wrote, “For that much money, why does it look like they are in the slums? They could’ve at least upgraded the counter space.”

A second said, “Not the worst I’ve seen in NYC. At least the toilet wasn’t at the end of a hallway with no sink & only accessible through the roommates’ bedroom.” (Also Read: US man spends whopping 21 lakh to buy a foldable home from Amazon)

A third commented, “When I lived in New York city on E. 62nd St. between first and second, this was the layout on the top floor of the building. It was tiny, and the shower stall was right in a little box where the sink and stove were for the kitchen. And the toilet was down the hall. You actually had to leave the apartment to use the toilet. That is worse!”

“That is just ridiculous! I would never rent that apartment. No way in hell,” posted a fourth.

A fifth joked, “I can shower and shave my legs while flipping pancakes! That’s perfect.”

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