Woman Shares Wholesome Story Of “Naughtiest” Student Who Is Now A Teacher. See Post

Woman Shares Wholesome Story Of "Naughtiest" Student Who Is Now A Teacher. See Post

The post has accumulated more than 124,000 views.

A woman on X (formerly Twitter) recently shared a wholesome journey of one of her students who is now a special needs teacher in Mumbai. In a series of tweets, X user Revs shared Alisha’s story from being “one of the naughtiest kids” in her class to a special needs teacher. The user even shared two pictures featuring herself and Alisha, who had a reputation for her fiery personality and impatience. “There is a gap of 13 years between the two pics,” Revs wrote in the caption. 

“Alisha used to be one of the naughtiest kids in my class. Legend has it that she broke a few teeth of another child in my class because he was annoying her. The other teachers in school warned me about Alisha. She was a fire brand,” she added. 

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In a following post, Revs described Alisha as “her own boss”. “Doing what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it,” she wrote. The user also called her student incredibly smart but with no patience for anything. “I spent my entire time as a teacher worrying about what would happen to her and if she would become disciplined, find purpose in education, complete schooling and do something to help her better the circumstances of her life,” Revs said. 

Further, the X user wrote that two years after her fellowship ended at an organisation, she received an essay from a teacher from the organisation written by Alisha on the topic ‘Which person do you admire the most’. “I remember reading this and being completely overwhelmed with emotion,” the teacher wrote. 

Revs went on to say that she was distressed thinking whether Alisha would continue her education, make something out of life and overcome the challenges she faced at home. “We continued to remain in touch as she did college during the pandemic, felt lost and confused about what she should do and what degree she should pursue,” she wrote. 

But as the years passed, Alisha navigated through college during the pandemic. In 2024, her journey came full circle as she became a teacher at a prestigious school in Mumbai, specialising in working with children with special needs. When asked why she chose teaching, especially with special-needs children, Alisha credited Revs for believing in her. She also expressed her desire to support children deemed “naughty” and underestimated by others.

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Revs shared the post just a few hours ago and since then it has accumulated more than 124,000 views. In the comments section, users thanked revs for making them smile after reading the heartwarming post. 

“What a wonderful thread. Goes to show the impact you had on her, this is so beautiful. So humbling. Much love to you both,” wrote one user. “Bless you! What a tremendous impact you’ve had and look at the outstanding results,” said another. “Revs. Thank you for making me smile today. Sometimes our tiniest efforts leave major imprints and we don’t even realise them,” commented a third. 

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