Why This House In Italy’s Sicily Is Emerging As Top Tourist Spot

Why This House In Italy's Sicily Is Emerging As Top Tourist Spot

Last Updated: March 25, 2024, 18:00 IST

This unique space is called the narrowest house in the world.

The House of Spite is empty from the inside, and there is nothing in it. Technically, it’s just a brick wall with a staircase.

All over the globe, numerous uniquely crafted buildings and structures have intrigued netizens on social media. Among these architectural wonders, one structure has gained viral attention for its remarkably small and confined space. Dubbed the narrowest house in the world, this distinctive building is situated in Petralia Sottana, Italy, drawing tourists from far and wide who flock to witness its marvel firsthand.

Known as Casa Du Currivu or the House of Spite, this two-story house nestled in the mountains of Sicily boasts a mere 3-foot width, making it impossible for two individuals to stand side by side within its confines. Its origin story traces back to a dispute between neighbours in the 1950s, which culminated in the construction of this peculiar dwelling.

The conflict arose when one neighbour decided to elevate their roof without obtaining consent from the other, contravening local regulations that required neighbourly approval for such alterations. Upon learning of the unilateral action, tensions escalated, sparking a feud between the two parties. In an act of retribution, the aggrieved neighbour opted to exact revenge by erecting an entirely new structure directly opposite the offending neighbour’s residence.

What sets this house apart, beyond its narrow dimensions, is its symbolic defiance. Rather than flouting regulations by adding additional floors to their existing property, the vengeful neighbour chose to erect a standalone structure, painted entirely black, as a testament to their resentment.

However, behind its façade lies an empty shell devoid of any inhabitant or furnishings. Functionally, it serves solely as a brick enclosure housing a staircase, with sparse windows offering glimpses into its vacant interior.

Despite its lack of practicality, the House of Spite has garnered widespread attention for its architectural novelty and historical context, serving as a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring impact of neighbourhood disputes.

As tourists continue to flock to Petralia Sottana to marvel at this architectural oddity, the House of Spite stands as a stark reminder of the enduring power of human emotions and the remarkable stories etched into the fabric of our built environment.

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