Viral: Glen Powell’s ‘crazy’ cannibal story throws the Internet off balance, unearths urban legend from early 2000s | Hollywood

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By Mahtab Ahmad

Glen Powell is the man of the hour. The Top Gun: Maverick star finally has Hollywood (and everyone else) in the palm of his hands. Delivering hit after hit, the man who once starred in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (as most of us had forgotten) is now setting up the scene for his latest cinematic spell with back-to-back premieres, like Anyone But You, Hit Man and Twisters (upcoming).

This image released by Netflix shows Glen Powell in a scene from "Hit Man." (Netflix via AP)(AP)
This image released by Netflix shows Glen Powell in a scene from “Hit Man.” (Netflix via AP)(AP)

However, the Hit Man recently found himself at the top of showbiz headlines for other reasons when he joined social media star Jake Shane on his talk show “Therapuss.” Although the newest Netflix sensation sat down for a “deep dive therapy session” with @octopusslover8 in the final weeks of May 2024, somehow, their “jaw-dropping” interaction is only now going viral on the Internet.

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20 minutes in, Powell got down to business, and the rest was history. Asking Shane if he wanted to hear a “crazy story,” Glen took an unhinged page, allegedly, out of the life of his sister’s friend, who seemingly narrowly escaped death.

Glen Powell’s viral crazy story about a cannibal

The Twisters star relayed how his sister’s friend went out on a date with a man. Though he had the looks and aura of a “super-charming” man, allegedly turned out to be a cannibal.

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As Powell tried his all to get his alleged “facts” straight, he committed to the story – he supposedly heard through word of mouth. He told Shane how his sister’s friend thoroughly enjoyed her date with this man. Later, that night, they went back to his apartment, and this is where the creepy aspect of the story settles in.

“She goes back to his apartment that night and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I give you a massage?” Powell recounted the tale. Soon after that, an off-putting, ominous feeling kicked in and “She just started getting a weird vibe. She’s like, something feels off…”

“So, he starts massaging her shoulders… She’s kind of just feeling like, everything’s just feeling odd,” Powell continued. And then, it hits the girl that she has to get out of this situation, but the person she went out on the date with “gets a little weird, like, ‘no, please don’t leave.’”

Somewhere along those lines, the girl finally slips out, “Her skin starts itching like crazy. The next day, she goes to the doctor, and he does a test on her skin. And it turns out that it’s like a black market lotion that breaks down skin for human consumption.”

“This man was rubbing lotion on her body to eat her.”

Ultimately, the doctor presumably asked her to share this person’s address as they contemplated calling the police.

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“They go to this guy’s house and he had several girls’ bodies in the house,” Powell concluded.

Social media reacts to Glen Powell’s cannibal story: Is it real?

Quickly after that, social media went into shock. And right so, netizens jumped online to express their horror-stricken responses to the alleged tale centred around a cannibal. Some couldn’t seem to grasp the idea of how a “lotion to prep human skin for consumption” was even up for grabs in the market. A few women lauded the girl in the situation for having good instincts, and possibly saving potential victims from falling prey to the madness: “Who knows how many lives she saved because of her good instincts. Incredible.”

Nevertheless, several sceptical responses also rose to the front. An X/Twitter user wrote, “How was he applying the lotion to her shoulders without having it on his own hands? Was he giving her a massage while wearing latex gloves? And her skin is itchy and based on that she’s able to get a next-day doctor’s appointment? In America?” while pointing out the possibility of it being a “made-up story.”

It eventually got the Internet abuzz, with people speculating if the story was, in fact, real. In the meantime, a 2001 urban legend shared on Snopes, “the definitive Internet reference source for researching urban legends,” resurfaced. The story titled “Romantic Encounter with a Necrophiliac” dug into a girl’s “unusual medical condition” that purportedly led to the discovery that she’d been intimate with a necrophiliac, who was also possibly eating corpses.

Some other stories from the 2000s were also included in this “Fact Check report, which led many to wonder that Powell’s story was mostly likely just another variation of these suggested myths.

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