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By Mahtab Ahmad

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) must be a “catalytic agent” to bring change in the system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday while asserting that his office should be “people’s PMO”, in his first address after taking oath for the record third time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the PMO officials after assuming charge as the PM for the third successive term at South Block in Delhi on Monday. (PMO)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the PMO officials after assuming charge as the PM for the third successive term at South Block in Delhi on Monday. (PMO)

“10 years ago, there was a perception in our country that the PMO is a power centre. And I am not born for politics or to accumulate power. It is neither my desire nor my way to have the PMO become the centre of power and politics. Since 2014, … we have tried to develop PMO as a catalytic agent that will produce energy, produce consciousness that lights up the entire system. I have tried to make PMO the seat of service. It must be people’s PMO, not Modi’s PMO,” he told the officials of PMO.

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He invited people to come work for him with a singular goal — working 24×7 towards achieving “Viksit Bharat 2047”.

“Together we have just one goal -Nation First; just one intention – 2047 Viksit Bharat. I have said this publicly, mera pal pal desh ke naam hai. I have also promised the country – 24 X7 for 2047. I have such expectations from the team…fulfilling the task on time is a good thing, not complete, I still want to look for value addition…if we work with this aim, I am fully aware that we can fulfil our dreams and aspirations,” he said.

Modi said that after 10 years, “what must be done should be done with the aim of surpassing global benchmarks”. “The time to talk about where we were yesterday and what we did has passed. … We must get our nation to the point where no one else has reached,” he added.

Urging his team to aspire towards “value addition” and “quality upgradation” in each of their tasks, he emphasised on three things to succeed — clarity of thought, conviction, and character to act.

“Our team is not bound by time, our thinking has no limits, there are no set standards for our efforts. Those who are beyond that are my team. And it is that team that the nation trusts,” he said.

Modi asked his team to not behave like teenagers whose ambitions are ever-changing like “waves”. “Ichha [desire/ambition] + sthirtha [stability] = sankalp [resolution]. Sankalp + parishkaram [hard work] = siddhi [accomplishment],” he said.

A day after President Droupadi Murmu administered the oath of office to him for the third consecutive time, Modi said: “I want to move forward with renewed energy. I am not born to rest.”

He added: “This election was not a stamp of approval on Modi’s speeches. This election was a stamp of approval of the efforts of each and every government servant. Thus, the government servants, who left no stone unturned to dedicate themselves to a vision, really deserve this electoral victory.”

“When it comes to the government, it is not Modi himself. It includes the thousand brains and arms that are working along with him,” he said, adding that the three-month election season was an interview to select a competent government. “It has resulted in us, once again, serving the country.”

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