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Mullanpur Stadium: Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant during a practice session at New PCA stadium in Mullanpur near Chandigarh. Express Photo by Kamleshwar Singh

Punjab Kings vs Delhi Capitals at Mullanpur Stadium: Punjab Kings will play their first game of IPL 2024 against the Delhi Capitals on March 23 (Saturday) at their brand-new home ground: the Mullanpur Stadium.

The PBKS vs DC IPL 2024 game will be the first time that the Mullanpur Stadium will be hosting an IPL game. Construction for the Mullanpur Stadium, which has a 33,000 seating capacity, had started in 2015.

So what are the things that Punjab Kings fans travelling to the Mullanpur Stadium need to keep in mind? Read this quick guide to find out.

Where can fans buy tickets for the PBKS vs DC game?

Punjab Kings fans can buy tickets for PBKS’ first home game at Paytm Insider.

Apart from Paytm Insider, will offline tickets be available at box office?

There is a box office outside the Mullanpur Stadium. Fans can go there and pick up the tickets, subject to availability. The timings for the same are 11 AM-6 PM, an official from Punjab Kings told The Indian Express.

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Where can Punjab Kings fans park their cars at Mullanpur Stadium?

Car parking will be available outside the Mullanpur Stadium. Fans who are entering from GATE 1, 1A, 1C, 2 and 4 can park at the P1 parking on the Kurali Chandigarh Road near Dakshin Marg. Fans entering the stadium from GATE NO 7, 11 and 12 can park at the P4 parking at the Kurali Chandigarh Road. The P2 and P3 parking lots, also on the Kurali Chandigarh Road, are for VVIPs.

What are the entry gates at Mullanpur Stadium for fans and when will they open on matchday?

The gate details will be printed on fans’ tickets. Gates at the Mullanpur Stadium will open at 12.30 PM since the toss is at 3:30 PM.

It must be noted that like most other stadiums, Mullanpur Stadium also will not allow fans to re-enter the stadium once they exit.

Fans travelling to Mullanpur Stadium must carry a physical print out to enter the stadium

The Punjab Kings management has instructed fans to keep physical ticket ready.

“You’ll need them to enter the stadium. Each person needs to have their individual physical ticket with them. If you haven’t collected or received them yet, you can do so from the nearest outlet to you. Please refer to the box office section of the e-guide for more details,” Punjab Kings said in a statement.

What are the things that fans are not allowed to carry inside the Mullanpur Stadium?

There is a long list of items that fans cannot take into the stadium, including coins, laptops, professional cameras, vapes and lighters, pens/pencils, cigarettes, outside food, beverages, baggage such as laptop bags and drones.

Here is the full list of prohibited items for Mullanpur Stadium: Backpacks, School/College Bags, hand bags/brief case/ladies hand bags, suitcases, Helmet, headphones/earphones, powerbanks, Alcohol, Binoculars, Matchbox/lighter, Bottles, cigarette/bidi, cans, inflammable items, chair(s)/stool(s), chewing tobacco/gutka, firearm(s), tiffins, knives/dagger/sword/scissors/cutting/sharp/pointed edged materials, eatable (except baby food), dangerous good(s), firework/crackers, umbrella, flare/distress signal, handicam/camera or any other audio visual recording equipment for recording and /or communication of match details/statistics/images, glass containers, laptop, back packs, sprays (except medical inhaler), laser light/pointer/flash light, perfume, musical instruments, packet/parcel/torn up paper, roller blades/skates, pens/pencils, skateboards, balloons, loud hailers/whistle/horn, radio, sporting balls, wooden stick (lathi), hockey stick, promotional products, coins (all kind), animals, syringe, flags (poles), and any other item that could cause harm and can be used as a missile/projectile, damage or cause public nuisance, as determined by the Punjab Police, on the threat perception can be prohibited.

Are there arrangements made for differently abled fans?

For fans who have purchased differently abled seats, entry will be from Gate Number 11.

Bus service for Punjab Kings fans

Bus service for Punjab Kings fans for Mullanpur Stadium

Bus service for Punjab Kings fans for Mullanpur Stadium

To enable fans to travel to the stadium easily, there will be a bus shuttle service from different pick-up and drop points in Mohali, Zirakpur, Chandigarh, and Panchkula on the IPL matchdays in Mohali. There will be five different time slots at an interval of 15 minutes from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM and the price will vary according to different boarding locations.

Fans can head to to book their seats on the IPL fans bus from the available pick-up points, after which they will receive a confirmation of their booking. The booking confirmation will include a link, which will help them locate their shuttle bus from their pick-up point through the assistance of Google Maps.

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