Three-Year-Old Boy Mauled By Family Dog In The Latest XL Bully Incident In UK

Three-Year-Old Boy Mauled By Family Dog In The Latest XL Bully Incident In UK

The boy has undergone surgery after he was mauled by XL bully.

A three-year-old boy in Doncaster required surgery after being mauled by the family’s XL bully dog on Monday. The incident highlights the dangers of the breed, which is due to be banned in the UK, according to The Metro.

According to reports, the child was climbing on the dog when it attacked him. Police arrived at the scene and seized the animal, which remains in kennels while an investigation is underway.

This attack comes amidst a growing concern over XL bullies. The UK government announced a ban on the breed in September following several serious incidents, including a man mauled to death in Staffordshire and an 11-year-old girl attacked in Birmingham.

Chief Inspector Emma Cheney of South Yorkshire Police emphasised that even registered XL bullies can pose a danger.

She said, “This family has acknowledged the change in legislation around the XL Bully and registered their dog, but this doesn’t remove the danger that these dogs pose or why the ban has come into place.”

“All dogs can be aggressive; they are animals, but some dogs have greater capability to cause harm due to their size and strength.”

“Children should never be unsupervised when with dogs, even family pets that you believe “would never hurt” your children.”

“A dog’s instinct to protect itself is to bite. Parents should ensure children learn to respect a dog’s space and be encouraged to have boundaries around feeding and resting times.”

XL Bullies can be dangerous, especially if not bred and trained responsibly.  They are a relatively new breed, and some breeders may focus on size and strength rather than temperament.  This can lead to dogs that are more likely to be aggressive.

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