This Fun Exchange Between Shark Tank India’s Namita Thapar And Aman Gupta Is Super Hit

This Fun Exchange Between Shark Tank India’s Namita Thapar And Aman Gupta Is Super Hit

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: March 23, 2024, 15:14 IST

Shark Tank India Season 3 is presently airing on Sony TV. (Photo Credits: X)

In the recent episode of Shark Tank India 3, Aman Gupta was seen willing to taste the food brought in by Farm Didi.

The ongoing third season of Shark Attack India has been getting more and more interesting with all the lucrative deals and banger pitchers. With OG sharks Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittal returning back this season, they have been joined by Amit Jain, Deepinder Goyal, Azhar Iqbal, Radhika Gupta, Ritesh Agarwal, Ronnie Screwvala, and Varun Dua.

As the episodes get interesting, amazing pitches can be seen coming up in the recent episodes, leaving the sharks quite impressed. Amid all of these, a couple of fun moments have also been captured. In a recent one, BoAt co-founder Aman Gupta, known for being one of the most viral sharks on social media, thanks to his witty sense of humour and hilarious comments, has once again grabbed the internet’s attention.

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, a pitch was made by the brand ‘FarmDidi’, known for selling natural healthy pickles and chutneys made by rural women. While their interesting pitch left the sharks quite intrigued, it was Aman Gupta’s unique wish that came up as a light moment in the episode.

Aman before going into the details of the deal wished to taste the food brought in by the pitchers. In reaction to this, Namita Thapar had a hilarious comeback and said, “Tera yeh bhukkar image change karna padega. Harr season you come across as janmo ka bhukkar (We have changed your image. Every season, you come across as a hungry person)”

“If I am not me, then I am not me,” Aman replied.

Vineeta and Peyush bag collective deal

Following the funny banter between the duo, while the pitchers made an ask for Rs 50 lakh for 2 per cent equity, they were provided with different offers including 5 percent equity from Vineeta Singh.

Finally, Peyush Bansal and Vineeta came together offering Rs 1 crore for 10 per cent equity in a collective offer, and accepted the deal.

Love-making furniture on Shark Tank India 3

The recent episode of Shark Tank India also saw another interesting pitch from a love-making furniture company Luvottica. Founder Dalip Kumar from Punjab presented his furniture brand, which focuses on sexual wellness, meditation, and yoga. However, it was the reaction from the sharks that went viral.

During this time, Anupam Mittal took a hilarious jibe and said, “Sabki neeyat kharab karoge aap. Parivaar ka parivaar todoge.”

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