South Korean Actor Steals The Show With First Pitch At Baseball Game

South Korean Actor Steals The Show With First Pitch At Baseball Game

Jeon Jong-seo left quite the impression on some of the Los Angeles Dodgers players.

South Korean actor Jeon Jong-seo became an unexpected star at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ exhibition game against the Kiwoom Heroes in Seoul. While the Dodgers went on to win 14-3, it was Jeon’s ceremonial first pitch that captured the attention of both the crowd and, more noticeably, the Dodgers dugout.

The 29-year-old actor, known for her roles in “Ballerina” and “Wedding Impossible,” took the mound before the game and delivered a pitch that had several Dodgers players turning their heads for a closer look.

Jeon’s first pitch wasn’t the only highlight of her day. After her throw, she posed for a photo with the Dodgers team, further solidifying her place as a memorable part of the exhibition game.

The camera shifted to the dugout as Jong-seo seized her moment in the spotlight, capturing the attention of players like Chris Taylor and Tyler Glasnow, who appeared notably captivated by the 29-year-old standout.

Their responses didn’t go unnoticed by baseball enthusiasts, who were quick to criticise them on social media. Viewers remarked that the players seemed to be gazing at the actor in awe.

“Dudes being dudes,” one person penned.

“I can’t blame them,” a different person added.

In 2020, Jong-seo’s performance in ‘The Call’ garnered her the prestigious Best Actress award at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards, considered South Korea’s equivalent to the Academy Awards.

In subsequent years, she has showcased her talent in projects such as ‘Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon’ and the Netflix series ‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’.

Since her role in ‘The Call’, she has been romantically involved with the film’s director, Lee Chung-hyun.

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