Sloganeering does not change the world, says Rajiv Bajaj

Sloganeering does not change the world, says Rajiv Bajaj

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Mere slogans do not help usher in change and India can only progress by skilling its youth, Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj asserted on Friday.

“You do not change the world by sloganeering. Saying ‘Make in India’ does not change the world; saying ‘Aatmanirbhar’ does not change the world; saying ‘vocal for local’ does not change the world; and saying ‘Viksit Bharat’ does not change the world,” he said.

Without naming any individual or organisation he said: “Words would not change the world, unless you have the skills to put those words into action. It would certainly not change the world by saying I will spend tens of thousand of crores of rupees on CSR or that I want to touch billions of lives.”

Asking the media, which had been promoting these slogans for years, to introspect, Mr. Bajaj observed: “You have been carrying these slogans. It is time to pause and reflect as to how much of this has turned into reality”.

He said one had to have some skill to be the best version of himself/herself one day. “You need to have some skill to bring in change. Without the skill at our disposal how can we change?”

Mr. Bajaj was speaking at a function organised by several Bajaj Group companies, which had collectively decided to commit ₹5,000 crore investment over five years so as to help more than 2 crore young Indians to benefit through skilling. The group’s charitable trusts would also contribute to the ‘Bajaj Beyond’ initiative. 

On this occasion “Bajaj Beyond’— an identity for the Group’s social impact programs, which aim to empower tomorrow’s youth with a sharp focus on skill development was unveiled. The objective of this CSR initiative is to skill tomorrow’s youth and enable them to take advantage of the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities offered by India’s growing economy.

Bajaj family members present on the occasion firmly committed to co-creating a thriving and inclusive future for all Indians.

The various skill building programs undertaken by group companies such as mechanical engineering training provided by Bajaj Auto and financial services training imparted by Bajaj Finserv have been brought under one umbrella to bring in transformational changes. 

“With Bajaj Beyond, we will expand our skilling efforts across the group. Together, we will design future-proof curriculums, provide real-world, hands-on experiences, and equip our youth with the adaptability and innovation required to thrive in the ever-evolving mobility landscape,” Mr Bajaj said.

“Our initiatives have demonstrated the transformative impact of empowering India’s youth,” said Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman and Managing Director, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. “Today, we unveil Bajaj Beyond, continuing our mission to equip future generations with the tools they need for success.”

Niraj Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd., said: “As stewards of the Bajaj legacy, we recognize our responsibility of giving back to society. Our new initiative, Bajaj Beyond, truly goes beyond mere training programs.”

“We are not just closing the skill gap; we are creating a versatile pool of skilled resources that will drive India’s growth story in a comprehensive manner and strengthen the economy to compete in the global arena,” he added.

Sanjiv Bajaj, Chairman & Managing Director, Bajaj Finserv Ltd., said: “Inspired by our founder, Jamnalal Bajaj, the Bajaj Group has a legacy of working for the ‘common good’ of society and of serving the nation. Skilling has been at the heart of our social impact initiatives and we have seen the positive multiplier effect it has on the well-being of youth and their families.”

On the occasion, CII announced the establishment of CII-Rahul Bajaj Centre of Excellence on Skills which would upskill 10 million people in 5 years.

(The writer was in Pune at the invitation of the Bajaj Group)

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