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By Mahtab Ahmad

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of skincare, one treatment gaining significant popularity is the cocktail treatment for the face. Contrary to the common association with alcoholic beverages, these “cocktails” refer to a combination of various medical treatments aimed at addressing specific skin issues. The term “cocktail” signifies the blend of techniques used to achieve desired results, much like mixing a drink to create an exceptional taste. This comprehensive approach helps individuals attain more effective outcomes by providing customised solutions for a range of skin concerns. Cocktail therapies are essentially a unique mix of medical treatments, chemical peels, laser therapies, and other cutting-edge technologies, delivering remarkable and tangible results. (Also read: Injectable moisturisers are the new skincare trend: Here’s all you need to know about it )

What is cocktail facial treatment? Discover its amazing benefits for your skin(Freepik)
What is cocktail facial treatment? Discover its amazing benefits for your skin(Freepik)

What is cocktail treatment?

“A cocktail treatment for the face is a personalised skincare regimen that mixes multiple active ingredients to address various skin concerns in one go. This personalised approach is designed to provide a holistic treatment that targets problems such as ageing, pigmentation, acne, and dehydration. The tailored approach is designed to cater to individual skin needs and helps one get effective and optimal results,” explained Dr Neha Sharma, dermatologist, Estique Skin & Hair Clinic, Gurugram.

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What is in a cocktail treatment?

Dr Neha further shared with HT Lifestyle, “A typical cocktail treatment includes a blend of ingredients designed to rejuvenate and protect one’s skin. There are vitamins and antioxidants vital for combating environmental harm from pollution and UV rays. Hyaluronic acid, with its deep hydrating properties, helps retain moisture, tackling dryness head-on. Peptides as a component promote collagen production, enhancing skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some botanicals and natural extracts add that extra glow to the skin. Ingredients like glutathione, tranexamic acid, and vitamin C help in reducing pigmentation. Infusion of exosomes and platelet-rich plasma has been scientifically proven to increase collagen production.”

How does it work?

“The first step is a thorough skin analysis to identify specific concerns. Next, based on this assessment, a blend of active ingredients customised to one’s needs is prepared. Lastly, the products to administer the treatment are chosen, and they are infused into the skin either through microneedling or directly through injections. These are generally quick, with minimal discomfort and downtime, making them ideal & simple for everyone,” says Dr Neha

What are the benefits of cocktail treatment?

Dr Neha revealed, “The many benefits of cocktail treatments. These offer personalised treatment care and the most effective solution for one’s specific needs. Additionally, by addressing multiple issues simultaneously, cocktail treatments provide a comprehensive approach to skincare. This is particularly advantageous where factors such as pollution, sun exposure, and lifestyle contribute to various skin problems. Cocktail treatments are designed to deliver quick and visible results without extensive downtime.”

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