‘One Nation One Spoon’: Internet Reacts To Man Asking Why Every Household Has This Utensil

'One Nation One Spoon': Internet Reacts To Man Asking Why Every Household Has This Utensil

Last Updated: March 23, 2024, 17:22 IST

This is a common steel spoon found in Indian kitchens. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In his quest to uncover the mystery, an X user kicked off a discussion on X.

We find innumerable and a wide variety of cooking utensils in our kitchen and each has its purpose. From stainless steel plates to bowls and copper pots, the list goes on and on. But there’s one thing in common in every Indian household. That’s a spoon with an intricate design engraved on the top of it.

Everyone has it and it’s put to use daily. Recently, an X user asked why every Indian household had this same kind of spoon and the responses were hilarious.

Recently, an X user posted a picture of the infamous steel spoon and wrote, “Anyone else? Have this same spoon?” The post gathered a lot of attention and people have been sharing their hilarious responses to it.

Among them, an X user, named Sidin, asked, “Ok. I am going to figure out why everyone in India has this spoon… has to be an interesting story…”

In his quest to uncover the mystery, Sadin kicked off a healthy discussion on X which led to a humorous conversation. Several people shared what they knew about the history of that infamous spoon.

A user quipped, “One nation one spoon.” Another one wrote, “National spoon of India.”

“Every House has it. Universal spoon of India, ha ha ha,” one of them wrote.

A user wrote, “Maybe you should ask if anyone doesn’t have this same spoon.”

“Somehow I always see only 1-2 pieces of the exact same spoons in households,” said another person.

Some users shared their own theories and wrote, “Probably came up with some grocery product. We have 3-4 of it now. Can’t recall what, but if I think of a common branded grocery item in the 90s, it could be a tea brand. Will check with my mom tomorrow if she remembers.”

One of them wrote, “I’m told it was given free with Red Label tea packs,” while someone recalled, “I think it was just free with Taj Mahal tea or red label tea.”

A user recalled saying the spoon came free with Santoor soaps and wrote, “Santoor santoor. It was when Santoor decided to give free spoons with its soap as a marketing strategy that it became extremely popular. And hence we all Indians have the same type of spoon in our homes and santoor got its publicity for life.”

Do you also have this same spoon in your household? Do you know where it came from?

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