Old Video Shows Taimur Ali Khan Calling Film Critic Rajeev Masand A ‘Bison’

Old Video Shows Taimur Ali Khan Calling Film Critic Rajeev Masand A 'Bison'

Last Updated: March 29, 2024, 18:46 IST

The video is from an April 2020 interview.(Photo Credit: Twitter)

Many reached a consensus that Taimur indeed referred to Masand as a ‘bison’.

Unlike grown-ups, kids do not have a filter, which can sometimes cause embarrassment for the parents. Actor Saif Ali Khan was also put in one such embarrassing position when his son Taimur, reportedly called film critic Rajeev Masand a ‘bison’. A video is going viral on X that shows Masand interviewing Saif Ali Khan via video conferencing when his son Taimur, interrupts their conversation and keeps saying what sounds like ‘bison’. Soon Taimur enters the frame and seemingly points to Masand as he says ‘bison’ before going away. Khan then looks into the camera and says ‘I don’t know what that was’ and continues with the interview as Masand chuckles.

The clip is from an April 2020 interview. At the time, Taimur was four years old. On Thursday, an X user shared this clip and wrote, “Taimur calling Rajeev Masand a bison is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.” This post got over 6.2 lakh views within a day. While it is unclear what Taimur was exactly saying, most people agreed that he called Masand a ‘bison’, a large bovine. Commenting on this clip, an X user wrote, “I’m not supposed to laugh but kids are so mean.” Another person wrote, “The way saif acted to not understand is so parent core.”

Many people speculated that maybe the young boy repeated what the grown-ups in the house called Masand in private. Backing this theory, an X user said, “Oh no, Taimur accidentally spilled the secret! They probably referred to him as Bison in their private conversations.” Another person noted, “Saif literally got busted . He must be referring to him as a bison which was overheard by Taimur and he spilled the beans as most children do great acting by Saif to save his face.”

An X user shared how their son also said something unintentionally mean but funny to them when he was young and wrote, “Goodness.. I cannot stop laughing. Reminds me of when my son said “oh wow mommy you look like an elephant”. I was shocked and laughed when he continued saying “You have a long nose and short eyes”. Phew! I thought it was something else. PS: short eyes is not a typo.”

Expressing a less amused sentiment, a user wrote, “The comments are everything wrong with our society. A young kid calling an adult Bison on TV is not funny regardless of how much you dislike a man. This video clip is sad. The father should be embarrassed, the kid probably heard his parents call him names.”

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