Noida Women In Viral Holi Videos Claim ‘We Can’t Afford To Pay The Challans’

Noida Women In Viral Holi Videos Claim 'We Can't Afford To Pay The Challans'

Last Updated: March 28, 2024, 19:10 IST

Noida Traffic Police filed an FIR. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

“I want to apologise to everyone because I can’t afford to pay so much money myself,” one of the women involved said.

A trio of youngsters, who were all trying to build a social media following, got into legal trouble after some of their videos taken on the road and inside the Delhi Metro came to the notice of authorities. Now the youngsters are facing hefty fines amounting to Rs 33,000 and Rs 80,500. Earlier this week, Preeti, Vineeta and Piyush got brickbats for their Holi reels. In one of the videos, Preeti and Vineeta are riding pillion with Piyush. The two girls sit opposite each other and play with gulal as Piyush drives the scooter. The song Ang Laga De from the film Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela plays in the background of this video.

Another video showed Preeti doing stunts on a moving scooter. She even falls in the video after losing her balance. The third clip shows Preeti and Vineeta putting colour on each other as they sit on the floor of the Delhi Metro. Many people posted these videos on X and urged the traffic police and DMRC, to take action against the individuals. While, the first two videos include clear violations of multiple road safety rules, the third video breaches the ‘no photography or videography’ rule inside the Delhi Metro premises. In recent years, DMRC has made several public awareness posts asking people not to film social media content inside the Delhi Metro without prior permission.

Taking cognisance of the social media posts, the Noida Police have filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Preeti, Vineeta, and Piyush. For their scooter videos, the Noida Police filed a Rs 33,000 penalty. While the scooter owner, Vineeta, got an additional Rs 80,500 fine.

Preeti is from Uttarakhand and is living in Delhi. Vineeta lives in Noida, while Piyush also lives in Delhi. The three of them would often collaborate to make Instagram reels. As per the Hindustan Times, all three of them have claimed that they are financially insecure. While Preeti is trying to make a career as a social media influencer, Vineeta and Piyush both sustain themselves by juggling short gigs.

In a conversation with Aaj Tak, the tio claimed that they do not have the financial means to pay for the fine imposed by the Noida Police. They added that their intention was not to endanger anyone or spread ‘obscenity’.

“We were just making reels, there’s no problem with that. I want to apologise to everyone because I can’t afford to pay so much money myself. Where will I get so much money from? Please help me a little, at least reduce my challan, as my intention was not to hurt anyone,” Vineeta told Aaj Tak in Hindi. She claimed that the police warned her of a potential jail term if she didn’t pay the fine.

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