Lisa Rinna will ‘never go back’ to RHOBH, meanwhile Annemarie Wiley fired

Lisa Rinna will ‘never go back’ to RHOBH, meanwhile Annemarie Wiley fired

Lisa Rinna and Annemarie Wiley are on opposite sides of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spectrum regarding their employment cases. The 60-year-old actress has no intentions of returning to march alongside the Beverly Hills ladies anytime soon. In fact, her shocking resignation in January 2023 paved the way for her acting career, and she couldn’t have asked for anything more. In stark contrast to Rinna’s fruitful experience at Bravo, Annemarie Wiley’s exit has culminated on a sour note. The 40-year-old took to her Instagram earlier, blowing the lid off the reality series that fired her after misrepresenting her personality to the world.

While Lisa Rinna exited Real Housewives of Beverly Hill on her accord, Annemarie Wiley was fired by Bravo.

Lisa Rinna on her RHOBH return

Appearing on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Rinna firmly reinstated that she’ll “never” return to the show again. Though “grateful for the experience” because it made her a “better actor” and positively fuelled her acting career again, she put her foot down on the RHOBH comeback issue.

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She joked about how she “trained for eight years on that show” for her recent Lifetime movie project Mommy Meanest. The eight-year-long experience gave her an insight into “different psychologies of different women,” something she wouldn’t have come across if she hadn’t nodded in approval for the show in the first place.

Although she embraced the gratitude she had for the show that became a launching pad for her career, she’ll “never go back.”

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Rinna exited RHOBH in January 2023 as she was still reeling from her mother’s death. Her departure was also linked to the backlash following her feud with Kathy Hilton, who called her “the biggest bully in Hollywood.” The mother of two joined the long-running trail in Season 5 (2014) and stayed until Season 12. Also addressing her final RHOBH year, she recalled how much she “f***ing hated” it.

Annemarie Wiley fired from RHOBH

Wiley released an online statement on Instagram after the network didn’t ask her to return for RHOBH Season 14 and expressed her disappointment with the network’s stereotypical portrayal of her. Despite gaining the audience’s favour with her Season 13 debut, her misrepresentation boxed her presence to her debate with Sutton Stracke about the man’s oesophagus size.

After her one-season journey, she’s been ousted from the show. The nurse anesthesiologist revealed that she’d “never auditioned for this show.” Instead, they found her and asked her to be “on it out of the blue, 6 weeks after the cast had already started filming.”

Though enthusiastic about taking on the novel route, she felt miserable about being unable to introduce “even a glimpse of (her) unique life story.” She’d hoped to kick her “important mission” into action during the next season by showing a “solid Black family unit and that ‘rue Black love’ exists, even in Beverly Hills.”

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