Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck’s $60M marital mansion on sale; signs of impending divorce loom on the horizon: Report | Hollywood

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By Mahtab Ahmad

JLo and Ben Affleck‘s $60 million marital home reportedly emerged on a real estate website just days ago. Divorce rumours swirling around the pair are seemingly solidifying by the minute as signs of their imminent separation are on the horizon.

Recent images of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills spark speculation about the state of their relationship, with details of the opulent property circulating online.
Recent images of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills spark speculation about the state of their relationship, with details of the opulent property circulating online.

In an exclusive TMZ article dated June 8, the showbiz media outlet reported multiple sources close to ‘Bennifer’ alleging that the ‘Gigli’ co-stars are in direct contact with The Agency’s realtor Santiago Arana to sell their shared home. Over a year ago, the then-newlyweds purportedly snapped up the opulent and expansive mansion for just over $60 million.

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They’d supposedly been house-hunting for nearly two years until they finally snagged the Beverly Hills house after exploring more than 80 such properties.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage is reportedly in deep water

Although the writing has been on the wall for some time, the pair has been spotted at multiple events to support their children.

Some awkward snaps of mild PDA made headlines here and there in the past few weeks. Nevertheless, multiple media reports have already established that the ‘Gone Girl’ star has relocated to a rental in Brentwood. Meanwhile, sources also claim the ‘Atlas’ actress is again hunting for a new home.

TMZ’s latest report cites that the ‘Gigli’ co-stars’ realtor has been boosting the house’s name for around two weeks, but to no avail. JLo and Ben’s house is reportedly going up for “around $65 million.” Despite spiking the price from its initial listing, the estranged couple is expected to suffer a loss of millions, considering the combined costs of a broker’s commission, other taxes, and any additional numbers they checked in for improvements. 

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Before reports of the sale were further solidified, a DailyMail article seemingly foreshadowed what would follow soon. Over 50 images of what was once JLo and Ben Affleck’s shared paradise did their rounds online. These clicks showcased the interior and exterior details of the property, demonstrating significant custom improvements made to the place. 

The estate reportedly includes a parking space for 80 vehicles, garages for 15 and an outdoor sports area designed for basketball and pickleball. Among other lavish inclusions of the house, a gym, a boxing ring, a pool, a guest house, and a bar are some features that dotted the 6-acre cliffside paradise.

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