Internet Just Can’t Get Over Deepika Padukone’s Lookalike; Seen Yet?

Internet Just Can't Get Over Deepika Padukone's Lookalike; Seen Yet?

Last Updated: March 31, 2024, 09:00 IST

Fans think Rijuta Ghosh Deb is Deepika Padukone’s twin. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

A digital creator from Kolkata shared a makeup tutorial video that went viral and we now know why.

Celebrity lookalikes are common online, but some bear such a striking resemblance that you can’t help but double-check. This time, an influencer resembling Bollywood star Deepika Padukone caught everyone’s attention. On March 28, a digital creator from Kolkata shared a makeup tutorial video that quickly went viral, and we now know why.

Rijuta Ghosh Deb posted an Instagram video featuring a makeup tutorial, but what caught the audience’s attention were the glimpses of Deepika Padukone rather than the makeup process itself. Due to their striking resemblance, one person commented, “Deepika looks like you.”

The video racked up over 2 million views on the social media platform, with nearly all the comments focusing on her uncanny resemblance to Deepika.

A user wrote, “At first I thought you were Deepika Padukone.”

Another user shared the same sentiments saying, “You really look like Deepika.”

“You exactly look like Deepika Padukone,” said another user.

Yet another user remarked, “For the first second I thought it was Deepika and scrolled down then I said to myself wait a minute, she is not Deepika. But damn she looks like her & is as beautiful as her.”

Earlier, an uncanny resemblance between the influencer and Alia Bhatt caught attention online. Celesti Bairagey gained fame a few years ago when her videos showcasing her striking resemblance to Alia Bhatt went viral. Since then, she has become a sensation in her own right. Celesti rose to prominence for her role in the television series Udti Ka Naam Rajjo.

In other news, Kartik Sharma, a Haryana-based software engineer, has earned popularity online due to his startling resemblance to Virat Kohli. In addition to garnering a lot of attention, Kartik’s uncanny resemblance to the cricket icon propelled him to social media celebrity status. His rise to prominence was also documented in a story by Humans of Bombay, in which he talked about his experiences of always getting confused for the cricket player.

He promptly explains that he is a software engineer and not Virat Kohli, despite having an uncanny resemblance to the cricket legend.

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