Indian Techie, Who Got Promoted Last Month, Laid Off After 7 Years At Tesla

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By Mahtab Ahmad

Indian Techie, Who Got Promoted Last Month, Laid Off After 7 Years At Tesla

Tesla reduced their overall workforce by about 10%.

As layoffs continue in the technology industry, many people have taken to social media to express their shock and regret. As many as 21,473 employees from 50 companies in the technology sector were laid off in April 2024 alone, as per the latest data published by The layoffs first started last month, when Tesla began laying off what was said to be at the time 10 percent of the company’s global workforce of 140,000 people. The layoffs included an Indian techie as well who found herself facing a devastating blow after working at the electric motor company for 7 years. 

Jatin Saini, an employee at the advertising agency House of Creators, shared his sister’s story on LinkedIn. In his post, Mr Saini shared screenshots of the “cold email” his sister received from Tesla. He said that his sister had dedicated seven years of her life working at Elon Musk’s company, only to be unexpectedly laid off last Friday. “Unfortunately as a result, your position has been eliminated by this restructuring,” the email read.

In his post, Mr Saini informed that just a month prior, his sister had been celebrating promotion and was excited to relocate from New Jersey to Washington DC. However, on May 3, 2024, her hopes were dashed when she discovered her office access card had been deactivated upon her arrival.

“She is not alone. On 15th April, Tesla laid-off 16,000 employees. Then 15 days later, they laid-off another 500 employees. 2 days ago, she also got the email along with 75% of her team,” Mr Saini wrote.

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“She’s been with Tesla for over half a decade and to find out like this…When you can’t enter your own office; Your entire team is down and out; Your ID card is thrown away,” he said, adding, “They made her feel like an outsider with just 1 email”. 

In his post, Mr Saini questioned the lack of transparency, empathy and consideration throughout the process. He believes that when it comes to layoffs, “the principle of ‘cutting once and cutting deep’ makes more sense than a series of smaller layoffs”. 

“It’s a clear reminder of the cost behind corporate decisions,” Mr Saini concluded. 

Notably, Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric motor company, had to let go of thousands of employees across different departments. This was to reduce their overall workforce by about 10% as they faced challenges in sales and competition.

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