HYBE appoints new ADOR CEO and Management team replacing Min Hee Jin; Netizens outraged

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By Mahtab Ahmad

HYBE and its subsidiary ADOR have been among the most discussed topics in the Korean pop realm for over a month and are likely to remain the same. The feud initially began between the parent company and ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, over alleged attempts to illegally take over the subsidiary. This conflict has now escalated into a full-fledged case following an audit of ADOR’s employees on Thursday. And now, it has been reported that the BTS label has already selected a new management team, including a new CEO.

HYBE chairperson Bang Si-Hyuk and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.
HYBE chairperson Bang Si-Hyuk and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin.

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HYBE selects new ADOR CEO

On May 12, several Korean media outlets reported that HYBE has replaced Min Hee Jin with a new CEO and completely overhauled the management team at ADOR. While Hee Jin currently remains in her CEO position, there are multiple reports citing, that she may be forced to resign at an upcoming shareholders’ meeting, gaining massive attention across the internet.

HYBE to hold shareholders meeting

The label, home to hitmakers like BTS, Seventeen, NewJeans, and others, holds a majority 80 percent stake in its subsidiary ADOR. The company is set to leverage its voting rights in the next shareholders meeting to establish a new label and team for NewJeans’ label. Additionally, the label is expected to disclose the results of its audit into ADOR at this meeting.

HYBE to offer evidence against Min Hee Jin

Not only does the company plan to submit its audit report, but the label has also said that it will provide more evidence that suggests that the company has been plotting a coup for some time. Hee Jin will likely try to deny these allegations and insist that HYBE upholds the five-year CEO term agreement that was previously reported by the company’s shareholders.

Earlier, Min Hee Jin rolled out a statement calling out HYBE’s audit team alleging, an ADOR employee “suffered due to an illegal audit based on irrational issues raised by the HYBE audit team”.In response, the company led by Bang Si Hyuk slammed Hee Jin’s assertion that the audit was conducted “legally and without coercion, with the auditee’s consent.”

Netizens outraged over ADOR’s new CEO reports

Although the parent company is large enough to draw massive fan support, the sentiment has not entirely favoured HYBE, as many believe that Min Hee Jin’s side of the story holds equal credibility. Fans have made it clear that they are here for their favourite bands and not specifically for CEOs like Bang Si Hyuk or Hee Jin.

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“It’s the fact that HYBE is still doing this even while public opinion is going downhill,” a user commented on the news. Others chimed in too. “The relationship went completely awry and I thought Min Hee Jin was going to leave anyway, but when I think about Bang touching NewJeans, I f*cking curse.” “Wishing NewJeans a safe escape. They’re stuck among the old men and they’re just suffering.” “Min Hee Jin if you leave, we’ll boycott HYBE.” “Min Hee Jin hasn’t been kicked out yet, so the fans and the public are still favorable to her. But if she’s really kicked out, public opinion of HYBE will eventually improve.”

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