Here’s What It Is And How To Stay Safe

Here's What It Is And How To Stay Safe



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The Centre has warned citizens against using phone charging portals at public places such as airports, cafes, hotels, and bus stands.

It has asked people to be cautious of the “USB charger scam”.

Here’s what you need to know:

The threat: Cyber criminals exploit USB charging ports in public places like airports, cafes, hotels, and bus stands for malicious purposes.

Juice-jacking: Charging devices at infected USB stations can make users susceptible to juice-jacking cyber attacks. Juice jacking is a cyber attack strategy wherein cyber criminals use public USB charging stations to steal user data or install malware on the devices that are connected to them.

When unsuspecting users plug their devices into such compromised charging ports, cyber-criminals can siphon off data or install malware onto the connected device. This may result in theft of personal information, installation of malware or ransomware, and even device encryption with ransom demands.

How to stay safe

  • Prefer electrical wall outlets or carry personal cables or power banks.
  • Secure or lock your device and avoid pairing with unknown devices.
  • Consider charging your phone when it is turned off.

In case of cyber fraud, report incidents at or call 1930.

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