Google Wants To Bring AI-Powered Personal Coach To Keep You Fit: Here’s How It Works

Google Wants To Bring AI-Powered Personal Coach To Keep You Fit: Here's How It Works

Last Updated: March 21, 2024, 15:58 IST

United States of America (USA)

Google is building an LLM can help people get better health insights

Google will use its existing Gemini AI tech to build a health-centric model that will be integrated with Fitbit and Pixel devices to give you personal insights.

Google is working on a new Large Language Model (LLM) that will be trained on health features and act as a personal coach for people using the Fitbit devices. Google Gemini AI will be the backbone of this service, which will be available to the premium subscribers before it rolls out to everyone.

Google bought Fitbit with the focus on building its wearable lineup, even though you have the Pixel Watch and Watch 2 available in the market these days.

Fitbit was mostly known for its health features and overall ecosystem that caters to different health aspects. Google feels that using a health-centric AI model, it can bring a new layer of wearable fitness into the equation, and the company is quickly building the tools that will make the AI-powered personal coach a reality.

The AI tracking will rely on the user’s data to provide them with personalised and in-depth insights, which some of you might find to be invasive while some would happily allow Google to access this information. Google will use the Fitbit mobile app to link the data tracking, with the help of Fitbit and Pixel devices, which could include the Pixel smartphones as well.

The company even highlighted some of the health features that Pixel and Fitbit users can expect from the AI model. You could enable the smartwatch to track your sleep routine, and after carefully seeing a pattern, the AI model will derive the best possible workout routine that can help you get better quality of sleep.

It is interesting to see Google evolve with its AI models, and look at absolute use cases, and it goes without saying that health could definitely use AI tools to improve and provide accurate results that too in a quick time. Fitbit premium users will be offered these features in the form of a beta version, which could help Google become a viable health wearable alternative to Apple Watch in the market.

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