Google Finally Tells Why It is Giving 7 Years Of Support For Pixel 8 And How It Will Work

Google Finally Tells Why It is Giving 7 Years Of Support For Pixel 8 And How It Will Work

Last Updated: March 30, 2024, 07:30 IST

Google is giving 7 years of OS support with the Pixel 8 series and now we know why

Google decided that its flagship phones need iPhone-like support cycle which was made official with the 7 years OS support for the Pixel 8 series.

Google launched the Pixel 8 series last year with a promise of 7 years of OS and security updates for the users. The company had previously offered 3 OS updates and 2 years of the security patches, which made it five in total. So, what made Google change this support cycle and was it plainly done to compete with its rivals? Google has finally sent one of its executives to speak publicly about the change and why it was done.

In one of its recent podcasts, Seang Chau, VP – Devices & Services Software, was quoted talking about the decision. Chau mentioned that Google took a look at the active user data of all its Pixel users and realised that most people are actually using one model for more than a few years.

“So when we look at the trajectory of where the original Pixel that we launched in 2016 landed and how many people were still using the first Pixel, we saw that actually, there’s quite a good active user base until probably about the seven-year mark,” Chau was quoted saying in the podcast.

And once they realised that a phone is being actively used for more than 6 years, Google decided that it now wants to support Pixel 8 and later models with a total of 7 years of OS and security updates. It is interesting to hear Google say that its data shows people are using a Pixel for that long, which could be one of the reasons why the Pixel sales have never really picked up as the company would have expected.

We have noticed many people complaining about the performance degradation of Pixel phones for a few years, so for Google to claim that these phones can actually run for 7 years does sound like an ambitious move. Google’s change in this regard is helped by the fact that since the Pixel 6 series, it has used the in-house Tensor chip, which gives the company a better control over the hardware and software ala Apple.

But what happens to a 5-year-old Pixel phone when it gets the new updates, can users expect to get the latest features supported as well? Chau pointed out that Google is trying to make software-only features so that any RAM or hardware limitation doesn’t restrict these devices from using the latest features from the company.

Google is likely to bring the new Pixel 8a model in the next few months, as we are eager to see if the changed OS approach is passed down to the affordable model as well.

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