Edelweiss MF CEO Radhika Gupta shares her thoughts on ‘logical investment’, Ankur Warikoo reacts | Trending

Edelweiss MF CEO Radhika Gupta shares her thoughts on 'logical investment', Ankur Warikoo reacts | Trending

Radhika Gupta, Edelweiss MF CEO, took to X to express how buying a house is not just an investment but also an emotional expense. After she made the tweet, it quickly went viral and garnered numerous responses, including one from entrepreneur Ankur Warikoo.

Edelweiss MF CEO Radhika Gupta’s post has sparked a chatter on X. (Instagram/@iamradhikagupta)

“If investing was logical, very few of us would buy a home because the rental yield math never justifies it! But it isn’t… and many of us, including professional asset managers like me, buy homes. Emotional value is hard to argue with, and finally, you can’t live in an NAV and do up a folio to your liking,” wrote Gupta in her tweet. (Also Read: Edelweiss MF’s Radhika Gupta shares 5 tips on investing for your child)

She also added, “The important thing, however, is to accept that primary homes have this component and not treat them as investments. The same is true for many of us with jewellery. In some cases, angel investing as well. Investments are those that you can treat with a truly unemotional lens.”

Take a look at her tweet here:

This post was shared two days ago. Since being posted, it has gained close to two lakh views. The share also has over 900 likes and numerous comments. Many people flocked to the comments section and expressed their reactions.

Ankur Warikoo took to the comments section and wrote, “Buying a house is the most important emotional decision one will take with their money. And one should absolutely take it. Just run the numbers once.

Before you allow the emotions to come in, as they eventually will, give objectivity a chance to argue, I often say – please buy a house. Just don’t buy it early and lock yourself in. To a small house, to a locality you might grow out of, or to a city you might want to move out of. Buy a house when your income and age support the house of your size, your preference, your location.” (Also Read: Edelweiss MF MD Radhika Gupta ‘cheers’ for a new India at Harvard Business School. See pics)

Here’s how other people on X reacted:

An individual wrote, “Buying a home to live in makes sense more than anything. But buying an additional one for the purpose of investment isn’t a good idea; that’s when investing in equity should sound logical.”

A second said, “I absolutely agree! Any emotional investment is to cater for our primary needs. The actual investment has to be logical and practical.”

“It’s important to differentiate between emotional assets and true investments, approaching each with clarity and objectivity for financial success,” commented a third.

A fourth shared,”Primary residences are part of a holistic financial plan. Owning a home can provide stability and peace of mind, which can be valuable even if it doesn’t generate high cash flow.”

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