Bengaluru’s Holi Order As Water Crisis Grows

Bengaluru's Holi Order As Water Crisis Grows

Water Crisis in Bengaluru: The board said it took to decision as several borewells dried up.


Amid an unprecedented water crisis in Bengaluru, the city water board has advised residents not to use Cauvery and borewell water for pool parties and rain dances to celebrate Holi.

The board also said the Chinnaswamy Stadium will receive over 75,000 litres of treated water every day during the upcoming Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches in the city.

“Holi is a festival of celebrating Hindu culture. There’s no issue with celebrating it at home and observing rituals. However, organizing entertainment like rain dances and pool parties for commercial purposes is not advisable at this time. Using Cauvery water and borewell water is prohibited in the public interest,” the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) said, adding that no other restrictions have been imposed on the use of water during Holi.

The board said it took to decision as several borewells across the city have dried up due to the insufficient rain and falling groundwater levels. “It’s crucial for everyone to cooperate with BWSSB effectively,” it said.

India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ has been facing severe water scarcity with a shortage of about 500 million litres of water per day. In the last few weeks, residents have been forced to work from home, eat in disposable dishes and use toilets at malls.

For the IPL matches, water from Cubbon Park wastewater treatment plant will be utilised by Chinnaswamy Stadium, BWSSB chairman Ram Prasad Manohar said, responding to Karnataka State Cricket Association’s request.

The water board said these decisions are being taken to prevent groundwater and Cauvery water misuse and to encourage optimal use of treated water while preserving drinking water.

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