Arab League lauds India’s ‘Steadfast Support’ To Palestine Cause

Arab League lauds India’s ‘Steadfast Support’ To Palestine Cause

Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.
| Photo Credit: AP

India has displayed “steadfast dedication” to the cause of Palestine by extending humanitarian assistance and by supporting a “two-state solution” to the Israel-Palestine crisis, the Ambassador of the Arab League has said on Thursday.

In a statement to mark the anniversary of the formation of the Arab League on 22 March, Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Abdulla Jameel supported Indian position and called out Israel for its military campaign in Gaza Strip.

“We appreciate India’s principled stand towards Palestinian cause advocating for two States solution. By voting in favour of Palestine and extending humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, India showcases its deep-rooted empathy and steadfast dedication to alleviating the suffering of those in need. In standing with Palestine, India not only upholds its moral obligations but also reinforces its status as a beacon of hope and solidarity in the global community,” Ambassador Jameel said.

The Arab League was established on March 22, 1945, in the backdrop of World War II in Cairo. The Arab League aims to strengthen the political, cultural, economic, and social programmes of the member States and occasionally mediates in disputes among the member countries. The group had led a meeting of the Arab ambassadors in Delhi after the Israel-Palestinian conflict intensified on October 7, 2023. In his statement, Ambassador Jameel said that the Indian position on Palestine aligns with the Arab League’s stance on the Palestine issue as it has been seeking a “just and lasting” solution to the crisis.

“India’s support for the rights of the Palestinian people underscores the shared values of justice, solidarity, and respect for international law,” said the envoy who came out strongly against the Israeli campaign.

“The Arab League strongly condemns the ongoing atrocities and barbarism inflicted upon Palestinian civilians by the occupying forces of Israel. It is with profound concern and utter dismay that we witness the relentless targeting of innocent civilians, including women, children and the elderly by the Israeli military forces,” the Ambassador said.

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