Apple Will Allow iPhone Users To Customise Their Home Screen After iOS 18 Update Rolls Out

Apple Will Allow iPhone Users To Customise Their Home Screen After iOS 18 Update Rolls Out

Last Updated: March 26, 2024, 07:30 IST

iOS 18 promises to help iPhone users customise their home screen further

iOS 18 could be Apple’s biggest update in years and we will know more about the new version during the WWDC 2024 keynote.

iPhone users will soon get the option to customise their home screen more than what they can do right now. The next iOS 18 update which is rolling out later this year will help you make these changes, as reported by Bloomberg this week. Customising the home screen is a limited feature for iPhone users and has been this way for years, while Android users can go berserk with customisation.

Apple is ready to at least get to that level, but we still don’t know how the ‘more customisation’ on iPhone will work out with the iOS 18 update. Apple will be hosting the WWDC 2024 around June this year, and we might get more details about this rumoured update from the company at the event.

Apple might not like to say it, but it does feel like the iOS 18 update will be one of its biggest in years. The company should have some AI-powered features built into the ecosystem, while Apple also looks at Google or OpenAI to mix up things in the AI arena with image editing and more.

Apple has a big job on its hands to keep iOS 18 updated and interesting enough for its consumers, especially if it wants more people to jump ship from Android. Apple has banked on its privacy quotient for years, and there is no denying that it works for most. But the company now needs an X-factor feature, and it is believed that AI could be the trump card that could help the iPhone maker to set itself apart from the rest in the market.

Coming back to the customisation feature, Apple does make easy things sound like a miracle. After all, you have got customisation on Android for a long time, and people like the platform for these kinds of flexibilities, and it is time Apple does the same for its users.

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