5 Points About Akoijam Bimol Angomcha, Congress’s Inner Manipur Candidate

5 Points About Akoijam Bimol Angomcha, Congress

Akoijam Bimol Angomcha is the Congress’s candidate from Inner Manipur constituency

New Delhi:
Akoijam Bimol Angomcha, a professor in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), is the Congress’s candidate from Inner Manipur constituency, which will vote on April 19 in one phase. Mr Akoijam took the political plunge after a lifetime of teaching.

Here are 5 points about Akoijam Bimol Angomcha:

  1. Mr Akoijam, 57, who has done MA and PhD in psychology, teaches at the Centre for the Study of Social Systems in JNU’s School of Social Sciences. Earlier, he taught at Delhi University, and the think-tank Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

  2. Mr Akoijam has long been involved in public issues and democratic movements. He had been voicing concerns about the simmering ethnic tensions in the border state long before violence broke out between the Kuki-Zo tribes and the Meiteis in May 2023.

  3. He appears to have wide acceptance and support from young and first-time voters in areas that fall under the Inner Manipur seat, Congress sources told NDTV. The party has also been reaching out to older voters to introduce the academic as an outspoken person who will do well to represent Inner Manipur in parliament.

  4. Mr Akoijam is among the few academics from Manipur who are often seen in the media speaking about issues linked to rights and governance. His supporters believe he has the potential, if elected, to become the first MP from Inner Manipur who can take the state’s issues to a wider audience and to national attention.

  5. Mr Akoijam is also a keen explorer of cinema, and uses the medium in many of the courses he teaches at JNU. He has been among jury members in film festivals. He made a documentary film, Lang-Goi Challabee (Paradise Under Siege) in 2004, and his first feature film ‘Karigee Kirunee Nungsiradee’ (Why be Afraid, if you Love) in 2014.

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