5 baffling brain teasers that will leave you scratching your head. Can you solve them all? | Trending

5 baffling brain teasers that will leave you scratching your head. Can you solve them all? | Trending

The challenge associated with brain teasers has always left people fascinated. It is because a sense of accomplishment is attached to cracking puzzles, even if they seem baffling or keep one engaged for a long time. Besides, they also act as sources of relaxation and stress relief. Are you looking for some puzzles to challenge yourself this weekend? We have five for you to explore.

Brain teaser: Can you solve this puzzle shared on Reddit in five seconds? (Reddit/@EquivalentFig1678)

1. Find the odd one out

This interesting puzzle shared on Reddit has five English words that people often use during their daily conversations. Your challenge is to find the word that is the “odd one” in the list.

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How did netizens react?

Since being posted, this puzzle has collected tons of comments from people. Most people shared that the word “Back” is the odd one out, Just like this individual who wrote, “Back is the odd one out. All the rest are emordnilaps. Other words that would fit the category are ‘Stop’, ‘Gnat’, ‘Edit’, or ‘Time’.” The Reddit user also shared a link to Your Dictionary, which describes “Emordnilap” as: “a word that reads as another word when spelt backwards”.

2. Can you move the matchsticks correctly?

This exciting puzzle presents people with two maths equations. All you have to do to solve them is move two matchsticks. Are you ready for the challenge?

How did netizens react?

Did you get the answer? If you are still scratching your head about finding the correct solution, these comments from Reddit users may help. One person wrote, “Move the bottom and bottom left matchsticks from the lowermost 8 and move up to the 3 to get 8=8 and 3=9/3”.

Another added, “Move the lower left stick from the top 8 to the upper left position on the top 3 to make 9=9. Then just remove a stick from the lower left of the bottom 8 to make 3=9/3”.

3. Captain Holt’s brain teaser

The fictional character Captain Holt from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave his squad a brain teaser in one of the episodes, which has always fascinated the real-life audience. A Reddit user shared that puzzle and how he tried to find a solution.

The puzzle reads: “There are 12 men on an island. 11 weigh exactly the same amount, but one of them is slightly lighter or heavier. You must figure out which. The island has no scales, but there is a seesaw. You can only use it three times”.

How did netizens react?

While an individual argued that the original poster’s way of approaching the puzzle was wrong, another added, “This puzzle is impossible”.

4. How many watermelons?

This puzzle presents a few slices of watermelon arranged in a specific pattern. All you have to do is find how many watermelons will form when the slices are put back together. Can you crack the puzzle?

How did netizens react?

The brain teaser has left people with various answers. While some shared “four”, a few wrote that the correct solution is “Five”. An individual also commented, “Six”.

5. Can you find number 8?

If you think you have hawk-like observation skills, solving this brain teaser will be a piece of cake. The puzzle is simple. All you have to do is find “8” in an image filled with “9”.

How did netizens react?

A few netizens shared that finding the correct answer took them way too long. However, some shared that they could spot “8” almost immediately.

How many of these brain teasers did you solve? Did these puzzles leave you intrigued?

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